“Chilean rivers are so great! Clear water & there are many drops”

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Happy to be in the southern sun
Naoko Boofin'
Happy to be nailing her lines

Naoko from Japan joined Gene17kayaking on it’s winter trip to the southern sun on a Chilean Adventure, and here’s what she said about the trip…..

    “Jakub Šedivy was an excellent guide both on the rivers and in the town. He can speak Spanish very well and he knows well the restaurants & locations in Pucon.
    Chilean rivers are so great! Water is clear & there are many drops.
    Pucon Kayak Center where we stayed was also a nice place. I could meet kayakers from all over the world.
    Chilean food and wine are very delicious. I love them.
    Chilean rivers are so great! Water is clear and there are many drops.
    I had to portage a lot, but I din’t care that.
    It was good exercise to watch many rapids and judge I can go or not.
    It was good experience to me.

Without Jakub & Gene17, I could never have that chance.”

Gene17’s next Chilean Adventure is 27th December 2013 to 5th January 2014