Wanted: Paddlers demanding ambitious solutions

We get many requests for internships, work and help from young paddlers looking to get on into white water kayaking and potentially a career on the river. The Next Generation Training is for paddlers looking to charge on, have key and important input from industry leaders and start the development towards being a Class V paddler.

Get pivotal coaching input to shape your paddling career.

In spring based in Soča, Slovenia; the perfect natural classroom of the Soča river, this course will have you guiding, coaching, and making decisions with confidence on Class III/IV rivers.

In summer based in Sjoa, Norway; summer paddling premium location, with a wide array of excellent runs and rivers to enjoy. Norway is famed for its drops, slides, big water and great paddling.

We’ve put this course together for paddlers who are following either a formal coach education like the BCU or for anyone wishing simply to learn to coach advanced white water kayaking. We’ll cover everything from your paddling skills and coaching methods to modern, dynamic guiding techniques and real-world group management.

This course will set the scene to what is required to coach, lead and paddle on Class III & IV. You’ll get coached in the cutting edge personal skills needed to tackle all types of river and how to coach these. Plus, you’ll be coached on how to develop the confidence to aid paddlers to make their own decisions and pick their own lines. Add in the long days (it doesn’t get dark until midnight in Norway) and the sheer scale of the landscape, and we’ll give you the best paddling of your life. By the end of the week you’ll know where you are in terms of personal progression, and where you need to go to be the next generation of Advanced WW Coach.

This course can include BC Advanced WW Kayak Leader Training, Advanced WWS&R and Advanced WW Kayak Coach Training for those with the correct pre-requisites.


  • We’ll get you paddling dynamically, keeping your momentum through rapids and drops, powering through turns, and mastering precise paddle placement, core skills for steeper white water
  • We’ll give you the tools for coaching the modern dynamic style, along with our progressive ideas in the paddler correct movement
  • We’ll look at spotting whitewater features for the ideal coaching venues, allowing for dynamic risk assessments and accommodating the demands of your group
  • We’ll sharpen up your whitewater safety and rescue skills in the formal setting of a professional coach
  • We’ll help you find where you are with your paddling and we’ll give you a progression plan to work to
  • We’ll sign off BC Advanced WW Kayak Coach Training for those with the correct pre-requisites
Day 1 Arrival day. Relax, settle in and sample the local cuisine
Day 2 We’ll start off with a session looking at your gear and your boat outfitting. Then we’ll take to the water on the Upper Soča/Sjoa, a chilled-out run that gives us the chance to look at how you’re paddling and find out what you want to work on
Day 3 We’ll build on day 2, including a review of technical skills. We’ll also spend time looking at how different coaching methods work and reviewing current best practice
Day 4 Today we’ll concentrate on how to manage individual rapids, including scouting, guiding and rapid management
Day 5 Today’s the day to concentrate on river safety, including incident management and extractions
Day 6 Paddle for yourself: we’ll spend the morning on personal paddling workshops, followed by coaching workshops
Day 7 The Big day out! This all day mission’s the chance to use your newly developed skills and coaching tools on a classic.
Day 8 After a final review, we’ll drop you back at the airport
Of course, this schedule’s only a guideline: we’ll chop and change depending on how you’re getting on, what the levels are like and what everyone wants to do
The trip will be led by an experienced Gene17kayaking appointed trip leader. In selecting suitable leaders, we not only look to ensure that they have the relevant qualifications but we also ensure that they have an excellent track record of white water paddling from around the world. Whilst qualifications and experience are essential requirements, we also make sure that our leaders have the right temperament to lead a trip group comprised of individuals who have a range of previous experience and expectations. The leader is a vital contributor to the enjoyment and well-being of the trip members and he or she will be there to deal with any unexpected problems. To that end, we aim to provide a leader who will make the trip both successful and enjoyable throughout.Our leaders hold current wilderness first aid certificates and have experience of dealing with remote river related medical conditions.

We will take a maximum of 6 paddlers on each trip, although the number may well be less than this. With every 3 paddlers we have on the trip, we’ll have a highly experienced Gene17kayaking Teacher/Guide.

The Next Generation Training takes place on Class III/IV+ whitewater and is suitable for experienced paddlers who are able to paddle for 4 – 6 hours in a day on Class III/IV and wish to become the strong paddlers. Generally the rivers are accessible with near road access, but occasionally there may be some exposed terrain. This trip begins on an easier section of whitewater, but will soon reflect conditions expected at the grade. Participants should therefore expect to be in a river environment during peak runoff for sometimes extended periods of time. You are welcome to Contact Us, if you would like to discuss the trip in more detail.

TRIP COST: Contact Us with your application*

* This course is intended for young paddlers looking to get into the white water kayaking adventure tourism industry and is offered as a very different package to Gene17kayaking’s normal Trips. We accept applications ONLY for this trip.
What the price does include

  • Teaching and Instruction
  • Full accommodation including all meals – in Soča
  • Camping accommodation including all meals – in Sjoa
  • Airport Shuttle* for Soča and Train Station collection in Sjoa**. Local collection & River shuttles
  • Use of a full spec whitewater kayak*** from our fleet

* Airport Shuttle is to and from Trieste Airport, or Cividale Train Station in Italy. All arrivals to any of Venice’s airports, will need to make their way to Cividale for pick up prior to 18:00 on the day of arrival
** There is a frequent yet irregular bus and train service from Oslo to Otta. We collect from Otta Bus/Train Station from 1800-1900 on the day of arrival, and drop off for 1000 on the day of departure. An airport shuttle from Oslo to Sjoa is NOT included with ANY of our Norway Trips & Adventures, as the direct public transport link is straight forward and easy to undertake.
*** Gene17 has a small yet excellent selection of kayaks for a range of different sized paddlers, & these are available on a first come, first served basis ONLY

Soča Accommodation & Catering
You’ll be staying at our shared apartment in the Soča Valley with all bed linen provided. We’ll provide a continental breakfast, a light lunch and an evening dinner either at a local restaurant or home-cooked by the group supervised by Gene17kayaking’s staff.

Sjoa Accommodation & Catering
You’ll be staying at the Sjoa Kayak Camp. We’ll provide a continental breakfast, a light lunch and an evening dinner either at a local restaurant or home-cooked by home-cooked by the group supervised by Gene17kayaking’s staff

We Pursue Excellence

Why Us?

Here at Gene17Kayaking we have exceptional experience guiding & coaching from around the globe of white water kayaking, and in most cases it’s without parallel. We bring insight, developed expertise and whole bunch of great lines on the river.

Coaching is at our core

Coaching is at our core

Coaching is at our core

Coaching Input
Whether you are on a coaching programme or simply wish to be guided down the river. We’ll use our developed expertise to indicate where learning is taking place and aid ongoing development when called up on.

We offer full service

What do you get?
Whether you contract our guide for a day or a week, its what our reputation is about, full service on the water to sound logistical advise off the water to a considerable depth in local knowledge for what you need and want.

A wide range of destinations

Whats on Offer?
We will be in Slovenia from early spring to late summer, Italy’s Valsesia and Swizterland’s Ticino/Tessin in May, the French Alps in June, plus Norway for the whole summer. We’ll run tours in the French Alps, plus Adventures to Greece, Ticino, Montenegro, Norway, Chile, India and Nepal, Contact Us for further details.


Where you wish to come out in early June high water or cruise the Classics in late June, the French Alps has a wide range of runs all within a short range of the Durance Valley. Our 5 day river tour will give you a fast paced hit of the Alps at its best. Our 9 to 5 guiding service is the perfect quick hit for those who want a slice of the French Alps.

Fullon Charger – In early June is after the peak run off, and we enjoy the best of high water runs, Guil, Durance & the Ubaye, full on and the very best of the French Alps.

Progressive & Dynamic – In mid June, the white water starts to get structure, with great dynamic moves to learn and enjoy on Class III/IV.
Alpine Fundamentals – By late June, the main flood is over on the larger rivers, leaving sun soaked runs of alpine classic to enjoy, this tour is on Class II/III+ white water.


Headed up by Amy Elworthy, Upper Dart Guiding. Gene17Kayaking’s brand ambassador, Next Generation graduate and local lass, Amy’s manner and charm takes all the edge off your first or next Upper Dart descent. Your run will be fun and safe, plus you’ll learn a lot about this river section and lines to enjoy.

We have a range of scheduled dates, along with the option to Contact Us to secure your own dates.

Upper Dart Guiding, UK

Choose a date


Our resident and visiting staff will be available throughout May for Steep Creekin’ in Valsesia, June in the French Alps and in July for the Sjoa area of Norway, for week, day or half a day of guiding and coaching.

Simply Contact Us if you need to sharpen your skills, need to give your club a rest or wish to step it up on your club’s day off, we will be on hand to provide a drop in, drop out river guiding service. What ever your paddling needs, we’ll be able to help.

Any Day, Any Time in Soča, Slovenia for March & April, plus August, Valsesia, Italy for May & early June and the Sjoa, Norway area from late June, through to August for coaching and guiding.

Group Guiding & Coaching
1800€ a week
300€ a day

One2One Coaching
1300€ a week
250€ a day
150€ half day


In Soča, Slovenia we can currently offer Kayaks Hire, either from Gene17Kayaking’s collection, or the local kayak store, Alpin Action throughout the paddling season. In the French Alps we recommend, SND’s Liquid Holiday Shop in Saint Clément sur Durance and Strie Strømmer for Sjoa, Norway.

In Soča, Slovenia, we offer MiniBus, Kayak & Coach Hire, Contact Us for details

Dagger, Zet & Waka WW Kayaks plus Werner Paddles
250€ a week
50€ a day
Bespoke rates per Kayak Guide/Coach
MB Sprinter 9 Seater with Roof Rack & Gene17 Coaching Staff/Driver
3000€ a week


Gene17Kayaking has a considerable body of in house expertise and first hand knowledge of great white water around the world. Whether its organising a youth kayak expedition down the Zanskar Inda, a young apprentice self support trip to the Tamur in Nepal, a school trip to Rio Apurimac in Peru or rafting exped on the Grand Canyon in the USA, We have access to the know how needed to get a trip off the ground in into action.

If your group of friends, or club or school need professional insight and on the water expertise, simply Contact Us for a guiding solution.

Any time, any date, any where Worldwide

Bespoke rates per Kayak Guide
One day 300€
Two days 600€
One week 1800€


Does your club, group or school wish to go on a kayaking trip. Gene17Kayaking can help you get the trip off the ground, provide all the per-trip advice, guidance and training required, and then over see the trip on the water and with in country logistics. Simply Contact Us with your idea and we’ll help make them into a reality.

Any time, any date, any where Worldwide

Bespoke rates per Kayak Guide/Coach
One day 300€
Two days 600€
One week 1800€