Skills Development

Creative Skills Development Insightful solutions with our immersive task-driven approach. Whitewater kayaking is truly a dynamic sport where all the components from boat design to gear trends and even recommended paddle lengths are constantly evolving. Change is the only certainty. This change goes also for how a paddler paddles, and at Gene17kayaking, we are all students of technical progression. The … Read More

BCU Courses

BCU kayak training courses

Our BCU Course Programme BCU MWE Coaching Award BCU AWE Coaching Award BCU/UKCC Coach Level 3 Award BCU WW Kayak 3 Star Award BCU WW Kayak 4 Star Award BCU WW Kayak 5 Star Award BCU Basic WWS&R BCU Advanced WWS&R Our Accredited Courses River Leader Training – inc. BCU 4 Star & Basic WWS&R Alpine River Leader Training – … Read More


Do you want to sharpen up your paddling? No-one improves by being bombarded with facts from a million different directions or by using flatwater strokes in a dynamic, three dimensional white water environment. You need a flexible, dynamic and focused course to produce a flexible, dynamic and focused kayaker. Which is what we’ll give you A Gene17 course is more … Read More