August & September 2015 Trip Places: Slovenia & Norway


As the summer runs on into August, we still have a few places left on our trip programmes to see out a great year. Come and join us on the magical Soča for a classroom of white water kayaking like no other. If you’re looking for something steeper, Norway has all you need. On our last Valldal Road Trip, we’ll hit major kayaking highlights. Come September we look to close out the season in Slovenia with qualification training on our River Leader and Alpine River Leader training programmes. All of these trips include a premium white water kayak and Werner paddle, plus accommodation, local transport and great coaching & guiding. See below for dates and places, and trip summaries.

Places & Spaces
8/15 August – Soča Fundamental Core, Soča Slovenia – 2 Places Left
8/15 August – Next Generation Training, Sjoa Norway – 2 Places Left
15/22 August – Valldal Road Trip, Sjoa Norway – 3 Places Left
22/29 August – Sjoa Progressive, Sjoa Norway – 1 Place Left
20/27 Sept – River Leader Training, Soča Slovenia – 2 Places Left
20/27 Sept – Alpine River Leader Training, Soča Slovenia – 3 Places Left

Soča Training grounds

Fundamentals – get mastery of the fundamentals in white water kayaking. We explore and develop modern insightful tactics for running rapids that can be successfully upscaled. We introduce dynamic techniques that delivery these new tactics and add momentum and desire to your paddling. Plus we share our joy of kayaking, and make the learning of fresh ideas inspiring and attainable. Our Soča Fundamental Core trip gets your learning of paddling going quickly in the correct direction.

Next Generation Training – want to come into the industry? Need a leg up in your paddling? This is boot camp for the inspiring. A no trills week of rapid development for those wishing to jump forward and get cutting edge input into their paddling, leading, coaching and long term development. You need to be a solid Class IV paddler who can run any Class IV rapid with success, and have a 99% bomber roll in Class IV. Applications are still open, Contact Us for a place in Norway.


Valldal Road Trip – Norway for kayakers in a Nutshell. Ula, Rauma, Valldøla, Sjoa, Finna, Jori and more. World class runs along the way through breath taking scenery in a pristine landscape. This trip has every thing Norway has to offer in a compact package, with great drops, slides and waterfalls to run, all guided by Gene17’s staff. This is a must for any creek boater.

River Leader Training on Soča

Alpine & River Leader Training – for both qualification training and kayakers wishing to simply be a stronger paddler in their group. We cover all the aspects of the BCU leadership awards and safety & rescue training, on the perfect classroom of the Soča. With coaching venues a plenty, and opportunities to test new skills and review performances in quick succession. A complete tactical and technical review of personal paddling with an insight to be able to upscale when rivers get higher flows or rapids get steeper. These courses are for paddlers who also desire an upgrade and wish to step on from their plateauing experience.

If you like to speak with us some more, please Contact Us.

“Fine Lines & Good Times”