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October 2018
Gene17’s River Flow Newsletter


Presently we are waiting for autumn rains in Devon. All course programmes are thus on hold until the weather swings in favour of white water paddling. In the mean time, we have lots to do both on and offline. Recently the PaddleExpo 2018 brought some good treats with news of new and good looking kayaks from both Zet, Waka, Pyranha and Spade. A nice surprise was a break through in the printing of carbon paddles by Werner Paddles. Also recently Jakub Sedivy returned from the Canyon of Muksu exception Tajikistan, check out his Instagram feed for some excellent images: @sedivyjakub


During this down time, we have started to add more options to some of our popular programmes, with ‘Coaching Only’ being now available in many destinations. This development is for both local paddlers wishing to access our coaching as well as travelling paddlers wanting to take care of themselves off the water. Either way we welcome the many new faces in 2018 and hope to see more in 2019.

Another development is the changing of booking conditions to ensure paddlers heading to destinations with consequential white water in the programme are prepared for the demands they in tend to face. On all trips and adventures outside Slovenia that includes Class 4 white water, we now explicitly state paddlers must be able to roll on white water on that nature, in the booking terms. Whilst we also accept that sometimes rolling in a difficult place may not be successful, the ability to roll should be the norm and not an exception. We therefore recommend, that like any skillset, both practise and training is the best way to develop a kayaker’s roll into a mastered performance.

Autumn Delights…




The Adventure Paddlers Weekend, a meeting point for all kayakers near the end of the year celebrates the Adventure Paddlers Weekend! On Saturday Gene17kayaking hosts an evening of new films from recent expeditions. We’ll also have a DJ to see the night through. We leave the daytime free for yourselves to go paddling with your friends, to catch up on old times and have your our adventure. The event is located at the highly popular River Dart, on Dartmoor, as usual.


  • Neil Peter returns again with another travel log film to present, plus Q&A about paddling in Nepal. https://vimeo.com/268876910
  • Local boy Tom Rainey will offer some insight as to what went on during his recent Pakistan Trip with a presentation
  • More presentations TBC
See you there.



Here is our complete Devon course programme for autumn & winter 2018/19.  Check out the dates below.  Many courses have strong bookings.


BC WW Kayak / Fundamental Core – a course to grasp fundamental comprehension & boat control
  • 17/18 Nov 18 Devon
  • 22/23 Dec 18 Devon
  • 2/3 Feb 19 Devon

BC Progressive WW / Progressive & Dynamic – moving on to style your lines

  • 27/28 Oct 18 Devon
  • 8/9 Nov 18 Devon
  • 24/25 Nov 18 Devon
  • 5/6 Jan 19 Devon
  • 26/27 Jan 19 Devon

LaunchPad – getting you ready to step up to harder white water

  • 17/18 Nov 18 Devon
  • 15/16 Dec 18 Devon 
  • 12/13 Jan 19 Devon
  • 9/10 Feb 19 Devon

BC Advanced WW / Boofs & Drops – starting to run drops, but want the control?

  • 10/11 Nov 18 Devon
  • 1/2 Dec 18 Devon
  • 29/30 Dec 18 Devon
  • 19/20 Jan 19 Devon 
  • 16/17 Feb 19 Devon 

BC White Water Kayak Leader Training

  • 3/4 Nov 18 Devon
  • 14/15 Jan 19 Devon
  • 21/22 Feb 19 Devon

BC Basic WW Safety & Rescue

  • 1/2 Nov 18 Devon
  • 12/13 Jan 19 Devon
  • 19/20 Feb 19 Devon

BC White Water Kayak Leader Assessment

  • 8/9 Dec 18 Devon
  • 19/20 Jan 19 Devon
  • 8/9 Dec 18 Devon
  • 5/6 Jan 19 Devon
  • 19/20 Jan 19 Devon

BC Advanced WW Safety & Rescue

  • 6/7 Dec 18 Devon
  • 3/4 Jan 19 Devon
  • 17/18 Jan 19 Devon

BC Advanced White Water Kayak Leader Assessment

  • 8/9 Dec 18 Devon
  • 19/20 Jan 19 Devon

BC White Water Coach Training

  • 30/31 Oct 18 Devon
  • 10/11 Dec 18 Devon 
  • 7/8 Jan 19 Devon
  • 23/24 Feb 19 Devon

BC White Water Kayak Coach Assessment

  • 5 Nov 18 Devon
  • 2 Jan 19 Devon 
  • 25 Feb 19 Devon

BC White Water Coach (Advanced) Training

  • 12/13 Jan 19 Devon
  • 17/18 Jan 19 Devon
  • 11 Jan 19 Devon
  • 16 Jan 19 Devon
Want something else not on the list, Contact Us with a request.

We offer the both the White Water Coach and Advanced White Water Coach training in Devon every autumn & winter. We bring our white water kayaking core beliefs to coach education. Providing insight into performance models, flair in coaching desirable river running technique and delivering first rate coaching process strategies. If a weekend course is not enough why not join us for our week long White Water Coach programme in Slovenia next spring & in Norway next summer, our new Advanced White Water Coach training course.
For this autumn the uptake is already very strong for advanced white water paddlers, and we have lots of availability for intermediates & aspiring white water kayakers on BC River Leader Training and BC Basic WWS&R, in addition to our coach eduction programmes, BC White Water Coach & BC Advanced White Water Coach Training.


There will be further work on Gene17Kayaking’s website over the coming months with a completely new fresh look, plus several new trips. Check out our News for updates and our Facebook Page.


If you do not see something for yourself above, why not drop us a line with a request.
Best Regards,
Simon Westgarth
Gene17 Ltd
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