White Water Kayaking to the Core

Here at Gene17Kayaking, we are passionate about white water kayaking. We’ve been at the front line of paddling development for years, we’re out exploring with some of the world’s foremost paddlers and we’re bringing back the best of the modern dynamic style to benefit all. Our goal is simple; to really improve your paddling, to make your time on the water safer, better and more fun.

Aamot Sjoa Boof
We cut through all the technique dogma and lay out fine lines too thrive onSimon Westgarth
Location, Location, Location, we've paddled at all the hot spots and most in between. Helped open up our core locations of the Soča River, Valsesia in Italy and Norway in our early instructional videos from the 2000's. Our knowledge of the rivers and locations we use is second to none, and our unusually low paddler to coach ratio (never more than 3:1) allows for a huge amount of one to one teaching and individual feedback.
The depth of experience across all of our staff in white water kayaking is considerable, along with our understanding of paddling technique, river running tactics and how to relate this in our teaching. Looking at our rich history, rivers we've explored, medals we've won and champions we've coached, our commitment to paddling excellence is total.
the Gene17Kayaking Team