Matt Tidy on the Cylinder Drop, Egua

Technique & Information Articles

This Directory provides an archive of articles that have both been published in the Paddling Press and online, with updates as and when we draw up the writing table…

Trips & Courses

Paddles Fundamental WW Weekend Review PDF 0.5Mb
Paddles Steep Creeking Weekend Review PDF 0.5Mb
Paddles BCU 5 Star Review PDF 1.2Mb
Canoe Focus Annapurna 2003 PDF 0.2Mb
Paddler online report of Fundamental Trip 2005 PDF 120Kb
North Alps Guide Book 2nd Edition Soča the Destination PDF 4.2Mb
Piemonte Guide Extracted from the Plughole PDF 3.3Mb
Montenegro River Guide PDF 3.3Mb

Resources & Articles

Waking up – the first strokes of spring – Palm Blog
Waking up – the opportunity of spring – Palm Blog
Waking up – breaking old habits – Palm Blog
Genetic DVD in CKUK Going Straight Article PDF 1.6Mb
Genetic DVD in CKUK Turning Article PDF 5.3Mb
Genetic DVD in CKUK Support Article PDF 6.3Mb
Genes DVD in CKUK Boofing Article PDF 1.1Mb
Genes DVD in CKUK Flaring the Boat Article 4.2Mb
Genes DVD in CKUK Big Drops Article PDF 1.0Mb
Safety with Dave Carroll in CKUK Safety PDF 1.7Mb
Creek Smear Technique with Matt Tidy in CKUK Smearing PDF 4.9Mb
Group Dynamics with Simon Westgarth in CKUK Group Dynamics PDF 2.9Mb


Kayak Session Simon Westgarth PDF 0.7Mb
Playboating Deb Pinniger PDF 0.9Mb
Playboating Dave Carroll PDF 4.1Mb
Playboating Simon Westgarth PDF 0.5Mb


Samples from Deb Pinniger’s Adventure Kayaking Book L’Eau Vive
L’Eau Vive Cover & Intro PDF 2.5Mb
L’Eau Vive Norway PDF 2.5Mb
L’Eau Vive Iran PDF 2.5Mb
L’Eau Vive Americas PDF 2.5Mb