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NEXT COURSES; location SLOVENIA 6/13 April 2024

We get many requests for internships, work and help from young paddlers looking to get on into white water kayaking and potentially a career on the river. The Next Generation Training is for paddlers looking to charge on, have key and important input from industry leaders and start the development towards being a Class V paddler.

Get pivotal coaching input to shape your paddling career.

In spring based in Soča, Slovenia; the perfect natural classroom of the Soča river, this course will have you guiding, coaching, and making decisions with confidence on Class III/IV rivers.

We’ve put this course together for paddlers who are following either a formal coach education like the British Canoeing or for anyone wishing simply to learn to coach white water kayaking. We’ll cover everything from your paddling skills and coaching methods to modern, dynamic guiding techniques and real-world group management.

This course will set the scene to what is required to coach, guide and paddle on Class III & IV. You'll get coached in the cutting edge personal skills needed to tackle all types of river and how to coach these. Plus, you'll be coached on how to develop the confidence to aid paddlers to make their own decisions and pick their own lines. Add in the long days (it doesn’t get dark until midnight in Norway) and the sheer scale of the landscape, and we’ll give you the best paddling of your life. By the end of the week you'll know where you are in terms of personal progression, and where you need to go to be the next generation of Advanced WW Coach.

This course can include BC Advanced WW Kayak Leader Training, Advanced WWS&R and Advanced WW Kayak Coach Training for those with the appropriate pre-requisites.


  • We’ll get you paddling dynamically, keeping your momentum through rapids and drops, powering through turns, and mastering precise paddle placement, core skills for steeper white water
  • We'll give you the tools for coaching the modern dynamic style, along with our progressive ideas in the paddler correct movement
  • We’ll look at spotting whitewater features for the ideal coaching venues, allowing for dynamic risk assessments and accommodating the demands of your group
  • We’ll sharpen up your whitewater safety and rescue skills in the formal setting of a professional coach
  • We’ll help you find where you are with your paddling and we’ll give you a progression plan to work to
  • We'll sign off BC Advanced WW Kayak Coach Training for those with the correct pre-requisites

We Pursue Excellence

Why Us?

Here at Gene17Kayaking we have exceptional experience guiding & coaching from around the globe of white water kayaking, and in most cases it’s without parallel. We bring insight, developed expertise and whole bunch of great lines on the river.

Coaching is at our core

Coaching Input
Whether you are on a coaching programme or simply wish to be guided down the river. We'll use our developed expertise to indicate where learning is taking place and aid ongoing development when called up on.