Chile, the prefect get away for any creek boater, who is locked into a cold northern winter dreaming of horizon lines and clean drops.

The southern summer is become a very popular destination for intermediate and advanced kayakers in last years. In Chile, you get an astonishing variety of clear rivers, full of whitewater with clean drops to suit all. The rivers are long and at times remote, so the only way to enjoy this amazing white water is a road trip, from Pucon, taking in all the great runs.

Adventure Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival from Santiago on the night bus*, pick up in Pucon, head to accommodation, outfit boats before, heading out for dinner and local wine.
  • Day 2 Lower Trancura for a warm up, then upper Rio Trancura
  • Day 3 Rio Maichin
  • Day 4 Upper Rio Palguin and thermals in the evening
  • Day 5 Rio Fuy
  • Day 6 Rio Trancura and trekking or horse riding (not included)
  • Day 7-11 Rio Nevados, Rio Palguin lower and upper, Rio Fuy and what else is prime in Pucon
  • Day 12 Day of departure

At any time prior or during the course this programme may be changed to accommodate the range of participates, water levels or river access.

Group Composition

The trip will be led by an experienced Gene17kayaking appointed trip leader. In selecting suitable leaders, we not only look to ensure that they have the relevant qualifications but we also ensure that they have an excellent track record of white water paddling from around the world.

Whilst qualifications and experience are essential requirements, we also make sure that our leaders have the right temperament to lead a trip group comprised of individuals who have a range of previous experience and expectations.

The leader is a vital contributor to the enjoyment and well-being of the trip members and he or she will be there to deal with any unexpected problems. To that end, we aim to provide a leader who will make the trip both successful and enjoyable throughout.Our leaders hold current wilderness first aid certificates and have experience of dealing with remote river related medical conditions.

We will take a maximum of 6 paddlers on each trip, although the number may well be less than this. With every 3 paddlers we have on the trip, we’ll have a highly experienced Gene17kayaking Teacher/Guide.

Experience Required

Chilean Adventure takes place on Class IV whitewater.

The Chilean Adventure is suitable for experienced paddlers who are able to paddle for 4 – 6 hours in a day on Class IV.

Generally the rivers are accessible with far road access, and there will be some exposed terrain. This trip begins on an easier section of whitewater, but will soon reflect conditions expected at the grade.

Participants should therefore expect to be in a river environment during peak runoff for sometimes extended periods of time.

You are welcome to Contact Us, if you would like to discuss the trip in more detail.

What the Price Does/Does not Include

What the price does include
  • Guiding and Instruction
  • A creek boat, rented from a local retailer, for a good choice, BOOK early
  • Accommodation
  • Local Transport & River shuttles*

* The Chilean Adventure meets in Pucon. At the end of the Adventure, we’ll arrange your drop off for the night bus from Pucon to Santiago. Getting a night bus from Santiago is fairly easy. The buses are very comfortable and go on time, alternative option is a pick up at Temuco airport.

Accommodation & Catering

You don’t need to rough it to get the Latin America experience. We’ll be staying in first rate local accommodation and all the food will be fresh and hygienically prepared.

The Personal Paddling Equipment you should bring:

A good semi-drytop or drytop
Your paddle
Whitewater PFD, spray deck and good helmet
Solid footwear for bank support – no sandals
Rescue gear, including a throwbag, knife, sling and karabiner
Sleeping bag

What the price does not include

Food; like most of our road trips we all pool funds and shop, eat out or cook according to the groups wishes.
Transport to and from Santiago for Pucon
Visa fees
Bar bills
Travel & Boat insurance
Dinner on the final night
Note: we can not guarantee the use of a locally sourced kayak, will depend of notification before booking and local availability at the time of booking.


Chilean Adventure Chile – Road Trip 2350€TBC

Pay Deposit 750€

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