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Chris Vertical Pin Training

Our BCU Course Programme

BCU MWE Coaching Award
BCU AWE Coaching Award
BCU/UKCC Coach Level 3 Award
BCU WW Kayak 3 Star Award
BCU WW Kayak 4 Star Award
BCU WW Kayak 5 Star Award
BCU Advanced WWS&R

Our Accredited Courses

River Leader Training
– inc. BCU 4 Star & Basic WWS&R

Alpine River Leader Training
– inc. BCU 5 Star & Advanced WWS&R

White Water Coach
– inc. BCU MWE Coaching Award

Advanced White Water Coach
– inc. BCU AWE Coaching Award

Time to sharpen up your paddling?

We’ll help you do it with practical, real-world coaching that’s based on years of experience coaching on rivers of all grades around the world.

The most important thing is that you leave as a better paddler or coach – regardless of the course you join us for. So as well as covering everything in your course’s syllabus, you’ll also get the benefit of our work developing coaching approaches and styles. At its heart, that means understanding the river as a dynamic environment, and how paddlers’ actions interact with it.

With over 1000 white water paddlers been through our BCU training courses in the last 10 years, we have developed considerable skills in delivering top quality coaching through insight, expertise and experience.

A Gene17 course is more than a syllabus. Sure, we’ve got loads of things to show you, but they don’t just come from ‘assessment syllabi’ or ‘recommended course contents’. They come from our years of experience on the water, all over the world

Whatever the course, our aim is to make you a better paddler. Or a better coach. Or both. Steep creeking, fundamental white water or coach training, we’ll show you the river as a dynamic and changeable environment so you can learn to be a dynamic and changeable paddler. We’ll concentrate on the core tools you need and we’ll strip away what doesn’t work. And, of course, we’ll have fun doing it. Click for BOOKING INFO

If you don’t see a course that suits you, just get in touch and contact us. We can easily arrange one-to-one sessions, personal skills courses or any other BCU courses or assessments you need. We can also offer Irish Canoe Union and Norwegian Paddling Federation courses too, in white water kayaking.