In Valsesia, Piemonte we offer a complete range teaching trips on Steep Creeks. To complement these week long programmes we are now offering a selection guiding and coaching courses.

Our considerable experience and developed expertise allows us to deliver comprehensive programmes. Our coaching insight and drive towards excellence ensures you and your friends are in great hands every day on the river. Click on a tab to see what we offer in Valsesai during spring.

CREEK WEEK & Intro to Creeking Week 1300€

Our Piemonte Steep Creeking Trip or Intro to Creeking Trip, without the catering & accommodation. A full 6 days paddling in Valsesia, running great drops and slides with Gene17Kayaking.
Note: Boat Hire & Malpensa Airport shuttle excluded.

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The complete package, crammed into 2 days. Go creeking and get input to your paddling, whether technical, tactical or shaping the mind set for success.

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Technically focused coaching, to master your boof and how to run drops

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Learn and develop the skills to help make good decisions. And if it all goes wrong, we're offer solutions to develop your rescue expertise.

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Our trips are on a coaching only basis, where by us help facilitate with all the other requirements, such as kayak hire, airport shuttle, accommodation bookings. These week's are for both individuals and groups.

Our resident and visiting staff will be available throughout May & early June for Steep Creeking in Valsesia, for week, day or half a day of guiding and coaching where available.

Simply Contact Us if you need to sharpen your skills, need to give your club a rest or wish to step it up on your club’s day off, we will be on hand to provide a drop in, drop out river guiding service. What ever your paddling needs, we’ll be able to help.

Piemonte Creeking:
Throughout May &
Intro to Creeking:
From late May into early June

Group Rate for a week of coaching - 2100€
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NB: this price includes help with local river shuttles.
For an individual in a group of 3, the rate can be as low as 700€ each on a 6 day programme
(Based on 3 participants) Contact Us to Book

Any Day, Any Time in Valsesia, Italy for May & early June for coaching and guiding.

Group Guiding & Coaching
2100€ a week for the group
350€ a day for the group
One2One Coaching
1800€ 6 days
300€ a day
250€ half day