Insightful solutions with our immersive task-driven approach


Whitewater kayaking is truly a dynamic sport where all the components from boat design to gear trends and even recommended paddle lengths are constantly evolving. Change is the only certainty. This change goes also for how a paddler paddles, and at Gene17kayaking, we are all students of technical progression. The development of paddlers’ skills set is ever evolving, shaped by the rivers they run, the boats they use and the input they choose to take. Our immersive task-driven approach ensures we’re shaping, moulding and driving positive changes to your paddling. Our Skills Development trips and courses are all about insightful solutions for your kayaking.

What we have at Gene17Kayaking is experience, over 100000 days of white water kayaking experience. Our experience comes from paddling with world class paddlers and learning the latest technique. Our ever developing expertise brings focus to the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through experience, reflection and our senses. We share our insight and innovations with your the paddler, offering both a cognitive as well as personal skills development for the future.

Our destination knowledge is rarely paralleled, within our small team of coaches and guides we have hundreds if not thousands of days at each location where we offer our teaching trips. Come high water or low conditions, we know where will be best for you on any given day. Off the water, we are immersed in the location, know the good places to enjoy the local culture, attractions, folklore and of course great restaurants too.