Gene17Kayaking not only provides coaching courses, teaching trips and paddling adventures, we also organise and host a number of popular white water kayaking events across Europe. These include the likes of the long established Adventure Paddler’s Weekend in Devon held every year in December, to helping re-establish and now running the Ula Slides Race in Norway and Sesia Alpin Sprint in Italy. In 2011 we launched a new event, the Valsesia River Festival in Italy, and in 2012 we added another… the River’s Source – a White Water Symposium

Gene17 Adventure Paddlers Weekend

The Adventure Paddlers Weekend, a meeting point for all kayakers near the end of the year celebrate the best of the year’s paddling adventures. On Friday Night it’s Movie Night in the River Dart Country Park Ballroom. And on Saturday Gene17 hosts an evening of new films from recent expeditions. We’ll also have a Band & plus DJ’s sounds to see the night through. We leave the daytime free for yourselves to go paddling with your friends, to catch up on old times and have your our adventure. The event is located at the highly popular River Dart, on Dartmoor, as usual.

So rest assure we’re always in for an ace weekend in Devon on first weekend of December every year.


Valsesia River Festival

A white water kayaking festival in Valsesia, with an individual and team race, BoaterX & Gene17’s Coaching clinics, presentations & more, plus the Sesia Alpin Sprint.

Every third week of May annually in Campertogno, Valsesia, Piemonte, Italy


Sesia Alpin Sprint

A Team & Individual Race down the famed Alpin(e) Sprint section of the Upper Sesia River in Valsesia, Italy. 3Km of perfect boulder garden Class III/IV white water to keep any paddler busy with creeking lines and fun times for all.

Every third Saturday of May annually in Campertogno, Valsesia, Piemonte, Italy


Sjoa River Festival

The festival brings together kayakers from all over the world and of all abilities to enjoy the white water gems around the Sjoa valley in Norway. A long established festival and a must in the calendar for the northern summer.

Every second week of July annually in Sjoa, Norway


Gene17 Ula Slides Race

The famed Ula Slides Race is to be hosted by Gene17, as part of the Sjoa River Festival, in Norway. This event, one of the main stays of of the Sjoa River Festival, and is set on the renowned Ula Slides section, with competitors sprinting down a series of slides and drops.

NB. Whilst we love to run the Ula Slides Race, due to a changing climate, the desired conditions on Stor Ula are rarely experienced in July. The individual race at the Sjoa River Festival, has recently been a slalom on the Åmot section of the Sjoa River.

Every second Friday of July annually at the Sjoa River Festival, Sjoa, Norway


the River’s Source

The River’s Source is an event for everything and anything white water, for kayakers of ALL levels. At the event we’ll have the leading manufactures, suppliers and kayaking coaches offering unique workshops for paddlers. You have the chance to also get involved with some community action, whether that’s with a river clean up, paddling with the youth or engaging with other river users. We’ve invited all the leading providers, industry contributors and experts from far ranging fields. The River’s Source is hosted in Devon at the prime location of the River Dart Country Park.

Has run during autumn annually on Dartmoor, in Devon, England - however currently there are no new events planned