The famed Ula Slides Race part of the Sjoa River Festival is hosted by Gene17Kayaking, in Norway. This event, one of the main stays of of the Sjoa River Festival, located on the renowned Ula Slides section, with competitors sprinting down a series of slides and drops. The top ten get to go again, to battle it out for the top prize.

This event is open to all, and registration for time trails is open Thursday evening of the Sjoa River Festival. Pre competition format: All competitors must paddle the race section on race day prior to race start.

Competition format: Downriver Race, top 10 Mens & top 5 Ladies move through to the finals. Lowest combined time Wins.

This race is on the Friday of Week 28 (Normally the second Friday of July) annually at the Sjoa River Festival, Sjoa, Norway

NB. Whilst we love to run the Ula Slides Race, due to a changing climate, the desired conditions on Stor Ula are rarely experienced in July. The individual race at the Sjoa River Festival, has recently been a slalom on the Åmot section of the Sjoa River.

Ula Slides Race event news can be found on our Gene17Kayaking Facebook Page Events