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Genotype 2 Instructional Video, at Vimeo

Take a look at our range of products varying from Instructional Productions aimed at learning whitewater kayaking, Action Videos & Books to celebrate the paddling lifestyle, and Map Guides of Paddling Destinations!

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Deb Pinniger’s L’Eau Vive, a Lifestlye Photo Book

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>>Cover & Intro


>>Iran & Africa


L’eau Vive is a photographic journal of waters around the world: it will take you on a pictorial journey through Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The photography and words will resonate deeply within the souls of paddlers and all those who appreciate the grace of the river.

The book contains 53 exquisite full-colour plates interspersed with humorous accounts and poetic writing contributed by friends and fellow kayakers. Deb successfully displays on paper the clear vitality of the world and the uniquely diverse life of a traveller. She presents the kayaking world as both complex and simple; at times it is an epic challenge, at others a sublime jaunt, and always a great adventure.

An absorbing kayak lifestyle book

Pages: 106 Specs: 23 x 28 cm; 53 full-colour plates

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Sjoa & Oppland GuideMap

Sjoa GuideMap In A1 sized poster map in full colour with all the runs shown & the descriptions on the reverse side in both Norsk & English

A guide map of the legendary Sjoa Area in Norway

PDF Downloads:

>>Deutsch Norweigen
>>Italiano Norvegia

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Gene17’s Decade Tee

At the end of 2012, Gene17 turned 10; so we have a unique design from Peter Wood’s to celebrate, Cool Lines & Good Times. This is for PRE-ORDER only, March 2013 Delivery

Heavy Cotton Tee’s with printed design on the front.


Gene17’s Steep Creeking Tee

Like running the steep’s? We do & heres our wicked new Tee in Gents Fit

Heavy Cotton Tee’s with printed design on the front and back.


Gene17’s Icon Tee

Our classic yet simple design in both Ladies & Gents Fit

Heavy Cotton Tee’s with printed design on the front and back.


Gene17’s 2014 Ball Cap

Gene17 are stoked to offer our much desired Ball Cap

A Cotton Twill FlexFit Ball Cap in Brown, Black, Slate Grey, Light Grey & Blue with the Gene17kayaking logo on the front

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Genotype 2 DVD, the Fundamental Core

We look at dynamic stabilty through active blade pressure and the role of lower torso body tension. Plus wider tactical comprehension, with a review of strategies,introduce key stroke concept to bring fun lines down rapids. The core fundamental’s of the paddler’s form, with active torso rotation for effective paddling are explored, plus all the key advances from the new dynamic paddling style that has shaped modern WW kayaking

This production has been long over due for all those learners that just do from examples, NO more ABC or 123, just straightforward ideas that work

Genotype 2, conceptualises the very best of cutting edge technique and tactics for modern white water kayaking

Available Now in NTSC DVD Format

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Genes DVD; Advanced White Water

Gene17’s award winning Steeep Creekin’Instructional aimed at the Class IV paddler who wishes to go steeper, higher and harder!

Key techniques are covered comprehensively and developed into whitewater skills & understanding with bulletin text presents clear instructions set to mellow music. The core skills such as boofin, running slides & melting big drops are covered

Running through the central theme is the requirement to look at the water in a different way, that distinguishes the intermediate from the advanced paddler. All in all, the full resource for an advanced & those paddlers whom wish to develop new school skills, filmed at the best kayaking destinations in Europe.

SOLD OUT as a DVD, and now available at Vimeo:

Genetic DVD; Progressive White Water

Key techniques are covered comprehensively and developed into whitewater skills & understanding. Includes bulletin text & flow charts are mixed in with mellow music & clear instructions to present all the core techniques

Additional chapters include a review of paddlers gear, the classification of whitewater, group paddling & rescue skills. All in all, the full resource for a intermediate & those paddlers whom wish to develop new school skills, filmed in one of the best kayaking destinations in Europe

SOLD OUT as a DVD, and now available at Vimeo:

Neva Foreva, lifestyle action movie

You get one time around the track, just a single bite at the cherry as this life is never forever…

A short action documentry looking at some of the motivations of whitewater paddlings lifestylers. The action is inspiring stuff, where the Granite Steeps of Europe are captured with Dave Carroll, Matt Tidy & Rob Coffey doing what they love best, kayaking whilst revealing some of the stories behide their mishaps & motivations. Available on Genotype 2 in NTSC DVD Format & also hosted at:

Destination Nowhere Video, a european adventure

Too all 4 corners of Europe our adventurers travel for the action, fun and great lines

Features include Atlantic Surfing, Piemonte Steep Creeking and North Norway, all with a cast of many, fresh faces and legendary characters too. VHS SOLD OUT, but now hosted at:

Genotype Video, Elemental WW Instructional

A Beginner Video for White Water Paddler, following a prescribed approach to learning

Uncovers all the elemental aspects of learning to kayak on whitewater, including new school techniques such as proactive balance & Anglation. VHS SOLD OUT, but now hosted at:

Adventures in Loonerland, the Best of British on Tour

A showcase of UK talent captured over two years, from Deb Pinniger’s world tour, Paul Cheesy Robertson’s surfin, and Ed Cornfield’s Norway

VHS SOLD OUT, but now available as a Bonus track on Genes NTSC Format DVD & also hosted at: