Piemonte Steep Creeking Video early May 2015


Steep Creeking early May 2015 YouTube

Alexander Sukhodolov from Russia joined us on the early May 2015 in Piemonte. See his video for a fine slice of the paddling, culture and lifestyle of a Gene17Kayaking Steep Creeking trip. Our 2016 dates for our Piemonte Steep Creeking, Ticino Steep Creeking and Intro to Creeking Trips are already online, see below for details. Our Piemonte Steep Creeking dates: … Read More

Intro to Creeking

Learn to run drops and slides. We offer the Intro to Creeking, after the main snow melt has past by, leaving pool drop, bedrock falls and slides for us to learn the fundamentals of steep white water. With our top level instruction we offer tactical and technical solutions to help you handle these drops in safety and in style. Trip … Read More

Genotype 2, the Fundamental Core – Intro


After 4 years in the making, Gene17 finally is set to release their new Instructional DVD, Genotype 2, the Fundamental Core. This production looks at the themes and concepts be hide the Modern Dynamic Style for white water kayaking. Current the DVD is at the press, and should be aback for Mid April shipping. Until then, you can order from … Read More