Corsica in spring, sunny days, great food & fine rivers. Early season paddling at it’s best, a range of pool drop & boulder garden runs, with warm days, wonderful local food and fine wine to sip in the evenings.

A great adventure under our guiding hand, targeted coaching to make your lines great.

A springtime paddling paradise basking in the blue of the mediterranean, Corsica is home to some of the finest rivers, food, and wine in Europe. Join renowned Gene17 Guide Jakub Sedivy to sample pool drop and boulder garden rivers complemented by excellent local cuisine.

Each spring, before the melt starts in the Alps, the sun is already warming the rocks of Corsica, and there’s no better place for an early spring adventure. Corsica’s rivers run over smooth granite boulders and bedrock, creating clean lines, perfect moves, and deep, clear pools. This authentic Corsican experience features fine food, fine wine and perfect paddling, along with world class river guides and Corsican hosts.

Trips Content

  • We’ll give you a personal paddling plan, showing you where you’re at and what to work on
  • We’ll work on reading water dynamically. You’ll concentrate on driving your boat through turns, arcs and drops
  • We’ll look at spotting whitewater features and learning to use the current’s energy with the river’s features
  • We’ll set achievable aims and we’ll break down river running techniques so you can meet those aims
  • We’ll sharpen up your whitewater safety and rescue skills
  • We’ll help you find where you are with your paddling and we’ll give you a progression plan to work to

Adventure Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival in Bastia*, move to our base on the Tavignano
  • Day 2 Outfit your kayak & warm up of Tavignano

Day 3 Head north to the Asco

  • Day 4 A great day out on the Lower Golo
  • Day 5 May be if we’re lucky a run on the Rizzanese Classio
  • Day 6 The wonderment of Travo awaits


Day 7 A great day out on the Liamone

Day 8 Day of Departure from Bastia

Of course, this schedule’s only a guideline: we’ll chop and change depending on how you’re getting on, what the levels are like and what everyone wants to do

Group Composition

The trip will be led by an experienced Gene17kayaking appointed trip leader.

In selecting suitable leaders, we not only look to ensure that they have the relevant qualifications but we also ensure that they have an excellent track record of white water paddling from around the world.

Whilst qualifications and experience are essential requirements, we also make sure that our leaders have the right temperament to lead a trip group comprised of individuals who have a range of previous experience and expectations.

The leader is a vital contributor to the enjoyment and well-being of the trip members and he or she will be there to deal with any unexpected problems. To that end, we aim to provide a leader who will make the trip both successful and enjoyable throughout.

Our leaders hold current wilderness first aid certificates and have experience of dealing with remote river related medical conditions.

We will take a maximum of 6 paddlers on each trip, although the number may well be less than this. With every 3 paddlers we have on the trip, we’ll have a highly experienced Gene17kayaking Teacher/Guide.

Experience Required

Corsica Road Trip takes place on Class III/IV whitewater.

The Corsica Road Trip is suitable for experienced paddlers who are able to paddle for 3 – 4 hours in a day on Class III/IV

Generally the rivers are accessible with far road access, but occasionally there may be some exposed terrain. This trip begins on an easier section of whitewater, but will soon reflect conditions expected at the grade.

Participants should therefore expect to be in a river environment during peak runoff for sometimes extended periods of time.

A reliable white water roll on Class III, especially for consequential white water is required for this trip.

You are welcome to Contact Us, if you would like to discuss the trip in more detail.

What the Price Does/Does not Include

What the price does include
  • Guiding and Instruction
  • Airport Pick Up & River shuttles*
  • Use of a full spec whitewater kayak** from a locally sourced fleet based on 35€ per day per kayak

* Airport Shuttle is to and from Bastia Airport or/and Ferry Port. All arrivals to any of Corsica’s other airports, will need to make their way to Bastia for pick up prior to 18:00 on the day of arrival or to Ernella Camping by late evening. Note budget airline flights into Pisa, Italy, with a short train ride (30mins) to ferry port of Livorno, Italy, and a 4 hour sail to Bastia, Corsica with Corsica Ferries our an increasingly popular option to the more expensive flights into Bastia.
** Gene17 has a small yet excellent selection of kayaks for a range of different sized paddlers, & these are available on a first come, first served basis ONLY

Accommodation & Catering

You can stay in a shared dormitory with Breakfast when at Ernella Camping. Although bed linen is provided a sleeping bag for cold spring nights is recommended. Where a continental breakfast is available. We’ll head to great local restaurants, plus provide the cooking equipment if as a group we wish to cook. On site camping is a popular options or hotels/gites are also available nearby.

The Personal Paddling Equipment you should bring:

A good semi-drytop or drytop or drysuit
Your paddle
Whitewater PFD, spray deck and good helmet
Solid footwear for bank support – no sandals
Rescue gear, including a throwbag, knife, sling and karabiner

What the price does not include

Visa fees
Bar bills
Travel & Boat insurance
** Gene17 has a small yet excellent selection of kayaks for a range of different sized paddlers, & these are available on a first come, first served basis ONLY. 


Corsica, France – Corsica Road Trip

16/23 April 2023 Pay Deposit 450€