Some of the best trips come from travelling from river to river


We sort logistics, we keep a close eye on water levels and weather, and we take you to the best rivers the world has to offer. All you need to do is turn up with a smile, ready for a paddling adventure to remember.

After years of successfully running trips to core destinations like Piemonte, Italy and Sjoa in Norway, paddlers asked for more of the same but different please. We expanded our Norway Creeking trip into a Road Trip, during the fuller runoff of June. In late season we took the same road trip through to Valldal pass the Troll wall and back via Geiranger Fjord, when the rivers were then lower for a very different experience. Naturally experienced paddlers wished to go to Voss in Norway too, but build up to this big destination en route from Sjoa. Greece although we stay in one location, the remoteness of the various rivers means getting to the putin is longer drive than in most locations. And of course for the best of Corsica, being able to move to where the runoff is happening gives us flexibility and a sense like all kayaking missions, we are on a road trip.

What we have at Gene17Kayaking is experience, over 100000 days of white water kayaking experience. Our experience comes from paddling with world class paddlers and learning the latest technique. Our ever developing expertise brings focus to the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through experience, reflection and our senses. We share our insight and innovations with your the paddler, offering both a cognitive as well as personal skills development for the future.

Our destination knowledge is rarely paralleled, within our small team of coaches and guides we have hundreds if not thousands of days at each location where we offer our teaching trips. Come high water or low conditions, we know where will be best for you on any given day. Off the water, we are immersed in the location, know the good places to enjoy the local culture, attractions, folklore and of course great restaurants too.