COVID-19 STATEMENT: Like most tour operators & kayak schools, we have been heavily affected by the current global pandemic and the resulting restrictions on movement during 2020.

In line with the advice of the Norwegian Government, we have started operations in June, in the Sjoa area, running a number of short courses & private coaching sessions. As the summer closed out, increasingly nations across Europe closed their borders to free movement, resulting in our Soča September being postponed.

Thankfully all our 2020 bookings have rolled over to 2021. We are extremely grateful for the support from our paddlers, and look forward to clean lines and fine times next year from Slovenia to Valsesia to Norway. A HUGE thank you to you all.

Looking to the autumn, we are running a full schedule of autumn courses and clinics in Devon, UK. All dates are now online...

We of course wish you well, and hope to see you in an eddy soon, until then stay safe and the best of luck.  1st September 2020

100% Whitewater Kayaking!

For almost two decades Gene17Kayaking has been at the forefront of coaching white water kayaking, through our courses, adventurous paddling and steep creeking programmes.

You can paddle with us on the Class V of Norway, run deep Canyon in Greece, improve your boofing and develop your river running skills. If you love rivers and want to push harder, find flair in your paddling or go steeper, then join us.

Our Top Trips

Fundamental Core / Slovenia / Class II/III
Intro to Creeking / Italy / Class III/IV
Steep Creeking / Italy / Class IV
Sjoa Progressive / Norway / Class IV
Chilean Adventure / Chile / Class IV/IV+