• Join us in Slovenia on our Soča Fundamental Core Trips in April & October every year.
  • This is our blue ribbon Piemonte Steep Creeking Trip in Valsesia, Italy during May every year.
  • All River Play, on the Soča, half slice heaven. Join us in Slovenia on our Soča LaunchPad Trips in spring & autumn.
  • The best of the summer on the river with our Sjoa Progressive Trip every August.
  • Genotype 2, now available on Vimeo

    A solid & thorough look at modern whitewater kayaking technique and tactics, now online & accessible for free for all.

Winter 2023 News: After bouncing back from the pandemic with great support from paddlers from across the globe, we have seen the market place change towards more bespoke closed group solutions for coaching and guiding. Going forward we have reduce the range of our open offerings and offer an early bird price. Our base offer will be coaching/guiding only, with other services sourced locally, where by Gene17Kayaking acts as a facilitator arrange the booking of ‎tertiary services.  In 2024 we'll look to widen our collaboration with leading paddling coaches at our core destinations. More detailed soon.

We have recently updated our 2014 dates, for Soča in Slovenia in spring and autumn,  Valsesia, Italy in late spring and in Sjoa, Norway where we are all summer long. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

5th December 2023.

100% Whitewater Kayaking!

For more than two decades Gene17Kayaking has been at the forefront of coaching white water kayaking, through our courses, adventurous paddling and steep creeking programmes.

You can paddle with us on the Class III/IV of Norway, on the boulder gardens of Soča in Slovenia, improve your boofing and develop your river running skills. If you love rivers and want to push harder, find flair in your paddling or go steeper, then join us.

Our Top Trips

Fundamental Core / Slovenia / Class II/III

Intro to Creeking / Italy / Class III/IV

Steep Creeking / Italy / Class IV
Sjoa Progressive / Norway / Class III/IV
Sjoa Creeking / Norway / Class IV/IV+