Running Great Lines for Paddlers to Thrive on

Gene17Kayaking brings their short courses format to Norway. Simon Westgarth heads up these courses based in Sjoa.

The opportunity to learn and progress swiftly is common place on our courses, plus we’re have fun trying new lines and enjoying the great white water to be found in Sjoa. If you don’t see a course that suits you, just get in touch and talk to us. We can easily arrange one-to-one sessions, personal skills courses or any coaching you need.

Furthermore, we now offer a coaching only solution to our all inclusive trips in Norway. See below for dates and group rates.


Get to grips with the Fundamentals.


Fundamental Core Skills, Norway 3000NOK

1/2 Aug 2020
6/7 Aug 2020
27/28 Aug 2020
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Get to grips with the fundamentals. Give us two days and we’ll show you how!

Whether you want to push your grade or you’re surviving your way down Class III+, we’ll take you back to the source and work on the core skills you need to take on whitewater world-wide.


Progressive & Dynamic, Norway 3000NOK

22/23 June 2020
7/8 July 2020
29/30 Aug 2020
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INFO Let us help you step it up a level! If you’ve got the core skills, we’ll show you how to apply new-school dynamic paddling techniques to Class III whitewater. It’s not just about top-to-bottom survival: we’ll teach you a bag of tricks that’ll help you style your way down as an active member of the group, rather than having to rely on someone else to show you the way.


LaunchPad, Norway 3000NOK

18/19 June 2020
5/6 July 2020
22/23 Aug 2020
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With so many elements needed to be in place for the rocket to get off the ground, its hard to always grasp what they are and what methods are best.

LaunchPad takes a holistic approach to getting your desired lines, whereby Gene17kayaking will examine your performance, address any missing parts and coach you through changing your paddling. So the next time you’re trying to focus on all the elements in play to run the next rapid, you’ll be ready to launch from the launchpad.


Boof & Drops, Norway 3000NOK

20/21 June 2020
9/10 July 2020
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Boof it, flare it or melt it? We’ll show you how to tackle pushier water, bigger drops and more challenging rivers.

We’re all about specific skills, so we’ll cover the whole range from break-outs to boofs. There’s no ‘drop in at the top and hope for the best’, but there is a new, dynamic freeride style, waiting for you to take it to the water.


We now offer our complete week long trips with a coaching only option. This week for both individuals and groups, and the offered includes: an Otta train/bus shuttle, local transport, plus kayak/paddle hire too.

Our resident and visiting staff will be available throughout the Summer for Class II/III River Trips to Steep Creekin’ Missions in the Sjoa area of Norway, for week, day or half a day of guiding and coaching.

Contact Us if you need to sharpen your skills, need to give your club a rest or wish to step it up on your club’s day off, we will be on hand to provide a drop in, drop out river guiding service. What ever your paddling needs, we’ll be able to help.

Any Day, Any Time in the Voss & Sjoa Area in June, July & August

Group Guiding & Coaching 3000NOK a day
One2One Coaching
2500NOK a day

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Long Courses 6 Days
Norway Creeking: late June & early July
Sjoa Creeking: mid July
Sjoa Progressive: late July & mid Aug
Valldal Road Trip: early August

Group Rate for a week of Coaching - 20000NOK
Individual Rate for a week of Coaching - 9000NOK

NB: this price includes Otta train shuttle, river transport & kayak/paddle hire if required.
Contact Us if you want your own course.

All Norway based courses are run by Westgarth Education & Coaching: Organisation Number 922 022 763